Consulting and Training

Since 2009 SUNECOM SA is offering you best services in 
- Transition Support 
- Coaching & Training
- Business Consulting
- High-Tech Distribution 
- Web Solutions

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our guideline

Continuous Innovation


Our product and services are radically new and always up to date Are you simply curious or realy  challenged by a fast new environement ? Let us come on your side and support you in this fast movind world.

Swiss Quality 

At the same time we do build new environments and systems, we are extremly focused on the best Quality and Efficiency. Swiss Made. Small and Smart we are also squalable and used to bigger, as international, environments.

Grow Together

Top professionnals with top personal experience. All our partners possess a great proven experience in their fields. From Start-Ups to Multinationals, from production to finance, from simple tasks to general management, we do have and offer great strategic and operative track records. 

Continuously on the move

Our services and product always evolve. 

For 10 years now we do offers the best of the art personal trainings and coachings. As carreer transition, outplacement, change management and much more.

We highly support human transition in difficult time and crisis. 

Our Services


We are experts in Business Development. E.g. Business Cases, Investments, General Management & Organisation, Finances, Production, HR, Business Development and much more.


We are the specialist of the newest technologies, product and services. IA, Blockchain, Cloud, 3D, IT & >telecom, Renewable & Sustainable Solutions, etc.

web Solutions

We offer nice, simple and efficient Web solutions. We have developped and do maintain websites on many different segments. With our partners we offer logo & web design, web hosting, SEO support, digital marketing, etc.


We are specialists in the transitions. They may be organisational, technical, personal or professionnal, we support you to manage your migration in a continuously evolving world.


Always on your side to insure a smooth and successfull transition. We have already successfuly coached plenty motivated people, supporting them moving on quickly and successfully in particular new challenging situations. 


We do offer as well personal as professional training sessions. We are are continuouly training high professionals in new fileds and environments.  

Our Team

Human Transformation expert.
20 years CEO experience, since 10 years Entrepreneur.

Song HAN
Design and Marketing expert.
20 Year Marketing, Web design & Entrepreneur experience.

Finance & Management Expert.
20 Years Finance practice at top management level as 10 years entrepreneur.

Coaching expert.
15 Years Holistic & Quantum Coaching, 15 years Corporate Business, 10 years elite athlete at national level (Ukraine & ex URSS).

Professional Coach.
20 Years CEO experience, since 15 years Entrepreneur.

Meet us 

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Quai du Mont Blanc 29
1201 Geneva
+41 22 736 01 71